The most viable rumor that’s been reported about Gareth Edwards’ upcoming ‘Star Wars’ spinoff is that it involves Boba Fett and a group of bounty hunters in an ‘Ocean’s 11’-style heist to retrieve plans for the Death Star. But we haven’t forgotten about that other rumor—the one that claims that young Han Solo is involved in the spinoff. According to a new report, Edwards’ film isn’t about one character or the other; it’s about both.

It’s still a bit early for us to know much at all about the first of the two planned ‘Star Wars’ spinoffs (the second is being helmed by Josh Trank and doesn’t have a release date yet), but according to a new report from Latino-Review, we have some new info: as previously reported, the first spinoff would focus on a group of bounty hunters hired to retrieve the plans for the Death Star. Han Solo’s iconic Millennium Falcon was said to be involved, although Han himself would not be featured in the story, which raises plenty of eyebrows. But the latest rumor claims that Han Solo will indeed be involved in the story, which means that previous conflicting reports about the focus of the film could be wrong—it doesn’t include either Boba Fett or young Han, but both of them.

Going with the heist angle and the inclusion of the Millennium Falcon, it’s easy to see how Boba Fett and his crew of bounty hunters may run into Han Solo or try to enlist his help in their mission while also keeping him in the dark about the Death Star (in the original trilogy, Han was not familiar with the Death Star when it arrived). Or, perhaps at that time, the Death Star project had a code name, which could also account for why Han had never heard of it in the original trilogy.

The first spinoff recently lost writer Gary Whitta, and there’s been talk that ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ and ‘Apocalypse’ writer and producer Simon Kinberg may be stepping in to complete a new draft of the script. Meanwhile, production is gearing up with Rooney Mara, Tatiana Maslany, and Felicity Jones all eyed for a leading female role.

Edwards’ ‘Star Wars’ spinoff hits theaters on December 16, 2016, about a year after ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ which arrives later this year on December 18.