Though the publishers haven't revealed the official release dates for digital titles like State of Decay, TMNT: Out of the Shadows, and DuckTales Remastered, that didn't stop Gamestop from leaking that info.

A tipster sent in a screenshot of Gamestop's computer system showing the release schedule for Xbox Live Arcade digital downloads to IGN. Gamestop offers them for sale in store, and provides a code to purchasers who don't want to put credit card info into Microsoft's system.

State of Decay will release on June 5th, which lines up with the previous June release window we heard from Undead Labs. Supposedly the open-world zombie action game will retail for $20 (1600MSP). TMNT: Out of the Shadows will also release next month. You should be able to get the game on the June 26th for $15 (1200MSP). Capcom's Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is also expected to drop that week according to Gamestop. The side-scrolling brawler will be out on June 25th for $15 (1200MSP).

DuckTales Remastered, also from Capcom, won't be out until August 1st, but considering that's a Thursday, we're chalking this up to a placeholder date for now. It's not untypical of Gamestop to issue a vague release date on the first of a given month. As most XBLA games release on Tuesday or Wednesday, this Thursday date is a little out of the norm. When DuckTales does arrive though, it too will retail for $15 (1200MSP).

As some of these releases are before E3, we should learn more about the potential release dates in the next week or so. As for the games coming out post-E3, those will likely have true finalized dates uncovered during the week-long convention.