February Sweeps have come and gone, which unfortunately will mean that 'Supernatural' won't air any new episodes until March 20. Once there however, 'Supernatural' season 8 will kick into high gear once more as the unholy trinity of Castiel, Crowley and Meg returns for "Goodbye Stranger," ramping up the race for the angel and demon tablets that have driven the season! Get a sneak peek at March 20 return episode "Goodbye Stranger" with a brand-new trailer inside!

Sam and Dean may have clashed with the Titans in last week's all-new 'Supernatural,' but many fans have been left wondering what became of the tablet race between Castiel (newly-minted season 9 regular Misha Collins) and the villainous Crowley, each hoping to banish the other's kind from the Earth for good. That race will finally pick up once more in 'Supernatural's March 20 return "Goodbye Stranger," also bringing back the demonic Meg (Rachel Miner)!

In order to tide fans over during the long wait, The CW has issued a near full-length trailer for the March 20 return, showing that Sam and Dean have plenty of obstacles in their path besides the "Unholy Trinity," and the trials that await Sam in closing the gates of Hell. And if Castiel is to return full-time next season, will we learn more about the mysterious group of angels controlling him?

Check out the latest 'Supernatural' preview for "Goodbye Stranger" below, and give us your predictions for the rest of season 8 and beyond in the comments!