'Supernatural' Preview: DJ Qualls Returns for Some "Southern Comfort"

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Anyone who's watched a single season of 'Supernatural' well knows that death is not always what it seems to be, as plenty of characters have bitten the big one, only to be resurrected episodes later.  Some people seem to stay dead, the latest of which tragically seems to be Jim Beaver's beloved Bobby Singer.  But the show must go on, so who's ready to see DJ Qualls return to pick up where Bobby left off?  Pull up a chair for some 'Supernatural' shots of "Southern Comfort!"

While next week will see the Winchester brothers getting caught up in the found footage craze in the all-new "Bitten," the week beyond will see the spirit of Bobby Singer live on (figuratively) as DJ Quall's hunter Garth comes back to town!  "Southern Comfort" will once again pair Sam and Dean with the stick-figured hunter, who seems ot have taken over Bobby's assisting duties in their absence.  And if we're not mistaken, he's even got the hat!

It would seem the undead are on the loose as well, considering one of the below photos features a dead (or zombified) Civil War soldier.  With a name like "Southern Comfort," guess which side he's on!

Check out the photos of DJ Qualls' return to 'Supernatural' in "Southern Comfort" below, and tell us who you want to see back in the comments!

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