'Supernatural' has had quite an intriguing ride as show that series creator Eric Kripke intended to last for only five seasons, before departing and leaving the show in the capable hands of Sera Gamble for another two years.  The show has occasionally struggled to find its footing since, but with an impressive eighth season in the works under returning creative mind Jeremy Carver, what's in store for the Winchester brothers for season 8?

Later this week, we'll be out in sunny San Diego looking to score some 'Supernatural' scoop from Comic-Con 2012, but who needs to wait that long?  The Winchester Family Business managed to score an early copy of TVGuide's Comic-Con 2012 issue with executive producer Robert Singer, which serves up more than a few juicy details of the Winchester brothers' eighth year.   Earlier today we learned the face that will become Sam's new love interest Amelia, so what else does 'Comic-Con 2012 have to offer?

For one, count on a return to the "angels and demons" days of 'Supernatural,' a storyline which hasn't been the focus since the show's sixth season.  Given the prophet Kevin and the mysterious tablet depicting "the word of God," introduced in season 7, Singer says "Every year we start with a theme -- this is our 'Raiders of The Lost Ark' year.  This season-long story will be a quest.  It's about Kevin and the tablets and the Word of God."

But what of poor Dean Winchester and Castiel, last seen stranded in Purgatory during season 7 finale "Survival of the Fittest?"  Given that fans tend not to like brothers Sam and Dean being separated, the boys will reunite fairly early on, and flashbacks will be utilized to to show the "unspecified" amount of time each brother spent separately.  Producers are still framing out precisely how involved Misha Collins' Castiel will be, but remain confident he will appear "a number of times."

So what of any new, or returning guests beside the aforementioned Amelia?  Producers would like characters such as Sheriff Mills (Kim Rhodes) , Charlie (Felicia Day) and Garth (DJ Qualls) to return , but no such deals have been made yet.  "And there's one new character that we're talking about.  It's a monster that Dean meets in Purgatory," says Singer.

As for big bads, Singer insists that the year belongs to angels and demons, that "It's not apocalyptic but about who can gain control and keep demons in Hell or angels in Heaven...this season will be a little less earnest and a little more the kind of stuff we did in seasons 2 and 3, before the weight of all the mythology got us."

What say you?  Do Singer's teases have you excited for 'Supernatural' season 8?  What do you think we'll learn at Comic-Con 2012?  Give us your predictions in the comments below!`