30 Rock

’30 Rock’ Season 7 Awards Ryan Lochte an Olympic Cameo
Kids, it just goes to show you. There's no need to bother with all that pesky education and general preparedness, when all you have to do to achieve international recognition and TV fame is to win a couple of measly gold medals. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is the latest to meet such standards, …
’30 Rock’ Season 7: Is Liz Lemon’s Eggo Preggo?
One of the running currents across six seasons of '30 Rock' lies not always in Liz Lemon's desire for a man to settle down with and tolerate all of her hideous habits, but rather a baby to take care of regardless of relationship status.  With the critically-acclaimed series set to end after only 13 …
The Week in TV: An Animated GIF Wrap-Up
If you're looking for the best moments from TV this week in animated GIF form, look no further. Especially if you're just as obsessed with this week's 16-bit-themed 'Community' episode as we are.

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