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Johnny Depp Adopted by the Comanche Nation

by Shauna Wright May 22, 2012 @ 11:00 PM
Walt Disney Pictures
Johnny Depp: actor, father and ... Comanche Indian? As of last week, yes, and it's all thanks to his role as Tonto in 'The Lone Ranger.'
Tonto is a part of the New Mexico-based Comanche Indians, and after the real-life group heard about Depp's dedication to the role, it extended an invitation for him to join their tribe.

Johnny Depp's 'The Night Stalker' Gets a Writer

by Damon Houx May 18, 2012 @ 8:48 PM
Getty Images
With Edgar Wright about to shoot 'The World's End' (the final film in the Cornetto trilogy) this fall, his involvement with the scripting process for the Johnny Depp film 'The Night Stalker' was questionable. Enter Screenwriter D.V. DeVincentis, who is best known for writing the John Cusack movies 'Gross Pointe Blank' and 'High Fidelity.'

The Magic is Gone: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Need to Divorce

by Britt Hayes May 11, 2012 @ 2:42 PM
Warner Bros.
'Dark Shadows' hits theaters today, the eighth collaboration between director Tim Burton and versatile actor Johnny Depp. But with each passing year and each film the two make, this pairing has become painful to endure and it might be time for them to call their partnership quits.

'Dark Shadows' Featurette Talks Vampires

by Damon Houx April 26, 2012 @ 7:30 PM
Warner Brothers
Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows' was slow on its roll out to theaters - it didn't have a trailer until a couple of weeks ago and for a summer release it's been curiously mute until recently. You'd think a Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp film would be hyped more after their 'Alice in Wonderland.' But now we have a featurette for the movie, which talks about vampire lore and a little bit about the original show.

Johnny Depp Reacts to the Death of 'Dark Shadows' Star Jonathan Frid

by Shauna Wright April 20, 2012 @ 3:30 PM
ABC / Warner Bros.
Johnny Depp's upcoming film 'Dark Shadows' is based on the campy soap opera of the same name that ran from the late 1960s through the early 1970s. The actor is an avowed fan of the series, so the recent death of its star, Jonathan Frid, just weeks before the movie's opening hit Depp especially hard.

Another Look At Johnny Depp In 'The Lone Ranger

by Melissa Molina April 13, 2012 @ 2:15 PM
Walt Disney Pictures
What's weirder to you, the fact that they're throwing millions upon millions of dollars into a movie version of 'The Lone Ranger' or that they have one of America's leading men, Johnny Depp, playing a Native American? What's even weirder? The fact that he looks crazy great in the costume and makeup. Then again, in this picture he doesn't have a stuffed crow on top of his head.

Johnny Depp Takes the Stage with Marilyn Manson at the Golden Gods Awards

by Shauna Wright April 12, 2012 @ 9:18 PM
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
Johnny Depp's biography includes being a three-time Oscar nominee, a devoted father, and an object of lust for countless women.
But now he may have to add one more bullet-point -- rock star -- after playing with Marilyn Manson at Wednesday night's Golden Gods Awards concert at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.