Arnold Vosloo

'Elementary' Season Finale: Is Arnold Vosloo Our Moriarty?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick April 23, 2013 @ 11:21 PM
CBS / Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images
As CBS' 'Elementary' prepares to build toward its first season finale, possibly introducing Sherlock Holmes' greatest nemesis Moriarty, we've seen the series assemble some serious star power. Not only will Vinnie Jones' Sebastian Moran return, and 'Game of Thrones' star Natalie Dormer portray Sherlock's only love Irene Adler, but 'The Mummy' star Arnold Vosloo has been tapped to join the finale in a mysterious new role. Might he turn out to be the dastardly professor after all?

Billy Zane + Arnold Vosloo -- Dead Ringers?

by Nick Romano November 19, 2012 @ 9:00 AM
Getty Images/MGM
It feels like Billy Zane has gone through as many image changes as Lindsay Lohan has gone through court houses. If you browse through his past pics, you'll see, beards, mustaches, newsboy hats, d-bag turtlenecks those slam poets always wear, and various other sartorial choices. But one in particular, his choice to go bald, is by far our favorite 'cause he looks exactly like 'The Mummy' actor Arnold Vosloo.