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‘Stephen Colbert’ Says Goodbye to Bill O’Reilly in ‘Late Show’ Return

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 7 days ago
The satirical “Stephen Colbert” has made enough Late Show returns that the Colbert Report reprisal is almost old-hat, though there’s something to be said for the character’s fallen inspiration. As such, watch the fictional Colbert say goodbye to spiritual mentor Bill O’Reilly, following the Fox News host’s Wednesday ouster.

‘Last Week Tonight’ Harassment Ad Actually Aired During ‘O’Reilly Factor’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick April 13, 2017 @ 10:51 AM
John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight has taken unorthodox steps to reach the President, buying stealthily educational ad time during the Fox News shows Trump is known to watch. The same was true of Oliver filling the advertiser void from Bill O’Reilly’s show with a sexual harassment PSA, one a cable affiliate actually took him up on.

Alec Baldwin Pulls ‘SNL’ Double-Duty as Trump and Bill O’Reilly

by Kevin Fitzpatrick April 9, 2017 @ 1:07 AM
No one was exactly surprised to see Alec Baldwin kicking off the final five SNL episodes of Season 42 as Donald Trump, though the reluctantly recurring star added yet another major media impression. See Alec Baldwin face off with Alec Baldwin, as the reigning SNL host pulls double-duty as Trump and Bill O’Reilly for a Fox News sketch.

Bill O'Reilly Fires Back at 'The Simpsons' for Taking a "Cheap Shot" at FOX News

by Hilary Rothing April 24, 2012 @ 12:15 PM
FOX News
This past Sunday's FOX 25th anniversary celebration was supposed to be a time to rejoice and reflect on the network's quarter-century history but for Bill O'Reilly, it was another attempt by the liberal media to take a "cheap shot" at FOX News. This time, "The Simpsons" were the offending party and O'Reilly wasn't having it.