Dark Shadows

‘Mad Men’ Review: “Dark Shadows”
‘Mad Men’ Season 5 leaves behind its ninth episode of the year, as Don tries to get back in the game while Betty reveals a distressing secret to Sally, and Roger enlists the estranged Jane in helping him land a new account.
Last week’s ‘Mad Men’ episode “Lady Lazarus” saw Pete falling for a new wom…
The Magic is Gone: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Need to Divorce
'Dark Shadows' hits theaters today, the eighth collaboration between director Tim Burton and versatile actor Johnny Depp. But with each passing year and each film the two make, this pairing has become painful to endure and it might be time for them to call their partnership quits.
‘Dark Shadows’ Review
I love watching Johnny Depp make silly faces. Heck, I can watch that all day!
That's something I used to think. Now I know that I can watch it for. . .about forty minutes. For an hour and fifty-three, which is the running time of Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows,' I start to get real un…
Reel Women: Is Chloe Grace Moretz Growing Up Too Fast?
In this week's Reel Women we discuss something that people often shy away from: the sexualization of young actresses. In Tim Burton's latest film, 'Dark Shadows,' Chloe Grace Moretz plays a pretentious, grating teen with all the sexual emphasis of the film's co-stars -- wome…
‘Dark Shadows’ and ‘The Avengers’ Call Imax Truce
'The Avengers' had the Imax field all to itself this weekend. It was on 275 Digital Imax screens and made $15.3 Million there, which would figure out to $55.6 Thousand per screen (and that's nearly eight thousand above the total per screen average). It also did $207 Million over the weekend, which m…

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