Hotel Transylvania

'Hotel Transylvania' Getting Sequel

by Damon Houx November 9, 2012 @ 6:00 PM
Sony Pictures Animation
This fall, there were three horror-themed animated films for children, and the big winner was 'Hotel Transylvania.' It's made nearly $140 Million domestically (and over $250 Million worldwide), compared to 'Paranorman's $55 Million ($95 Million worldwide) and 'Frankenweenie's $33 Million (currently $58 Million worldwide). So it should be no surprise that Sony Pictures Animation is moving forward with a 'Hotel Transylvania 2.'

Weekend Box Office Report: 'Looper' and 'Hotel Transylvania' Play Big

by Jacob Hall September 30, 2012 @ 12:40 PM
After a few painful weeks, it looks like the box office has finally found its legs again. The combined power of 'Hotel Transylvania' and 'Looper' announced the end of the post-Summer doldrums and the start of the true Fall movie season. Sony, who distributed both films, must be the happiest studio in town right now.

'Hotel Transylvania' Review

by Jordan Hoffman September 7, 2012 @ 11:00 AM
Sony Pictures Animation
"Bluh! Blobbity bluh blob blurr!" - the little animated vampire bat that the Columbia Pictures logo becomes at the beginning of 'Hotel Transylvania,' well representing the measure of humor in the film.
I'm gonna use the Z word. It's a word that usually elicits a binary response. Here it comes: zany. 'Hotel Transylvania' - the first feature film from underground animation legend Genndy Tartakovsky starring the voice and spirit of Adam Sandler and co-written by Robert Smigel (the man behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) - is a little bit clever, a little bit crafty, a little bit silly but, fundamentally, it is zany.

'Hotel Transylvania' Clip Features Adam Sandler Fighting With Selena Gomez

by Damon Houx September 4, 2012 @ 8:10 PM
Sony Pictures Animation
This year we're getting a deluge of spookily-themed kids movies that mix classic horror staples (ghosts, vampires and Frankenstein) with the soft edges of children's entertainment. Genndy Tartakovsky's 'Hotel Transylvania' comes between 'ParaNorman' and 'Frankenweenie,' and now there's a clip.

New Movie Releases -- September 2012

by Britt Hayes August 16, 2012 @ 10:56 AM
FilmDistrict, Weinstein Company, Lionsgate
It's the end of summer, so celebrate by heading to the theater to check out this month's new releases. We've got the latest from Rian Johnson, a new raunchy female-centric comedy, an animated trip to a spooky hotel, and the highly-anticipated new film from Paul Thomas Anderson.

Meet the Cast of 'Hotel Transylvania' With These New Character Posters

by Nick Romano August 10, 2012 @ 8:39 AM
Columbia Pictures
With trailer after trailer giving us a peek inside the world of 'Hotel Transylvania' and the Comic-Con 2012 panel behind us, it's now time to meet the cast. All your favorite figures from horror have united in this family-friendly animated movie directed by Adam Sandler, including Dracula and Frankenstein. But there are still some other semi-familiar faces you'd might recognize highlighted in seven new character posters.

Comic-Con 2012: 'Hotel Transylvania' Panel Reveals Plot Details

by Melissa Molina July 12, 2012 @ 1:00 PM
Sony Pictures
We were initially excited for the Comic-Con 2012 'Hotel Transylvania' panel simply for the fact that the movie proves Adam Sandler can rise above some his past onscreen blunders. Plus, he's partnering again with 'SNL' alum Andy Samberg post their 'That's My Boy,' which kind of surpassed our expectations considering how low they were to begin with.

'Hotel Transylvania' Sneak Peek: Previewing Adam Sandler's Monster Comedy

by Jordan Hoffman June 26, 2012 @ 9:21 AM
Sony Pictures Animation
The inventive and antic animation of Genndy Tartakovsky has been blowin' our mind during hazy late nights for years. The creator of 'Samurai Jack' and 'Dexter's Laboratory' as well as the first (and still superior) 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' has a wide palate (he's responsible for much of the look of 'The Powerpuff Girls' as well as the gruesome and bloody prologue to last year's 'Priest') but has always worked in traditional 2D animation.
With 'Hotel Transylvania' he's taking his first step into the feature film-friendly world of 3D computer imaging and the result, based on the selected scenes shown at Sony HQ in New York, are exciting. It's nothing too underground or subversive, but compared to factory line junk like 'The Lorax' it is quite an artistic achievement.