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New Trailer for ‘The Tall Man’
Pascal Laugier's 'Martyrs' is one of the most startling and upsetting horror movies in recent memory, a vicious and unrelenting experience that tends to leave viewers speechless and often furious. It's the kind of movie that defines a career. In other words, 'The Tall Man,&a…
‘The Tall Man’ Goes Big With New Posters and a Trailer
It's been four years since French director Pascal Laugier delivered his brutal, almost unwatchable horror film 'Martyrs,' and nearly as long since we've heard anything about his follow-up effort. That ends today with two posters and a trailer for 'The Tall Man.'
Here’s the First ‘Total Recall’ TV Spot
Though it's not due out until August 3, 'Total Recall' has already got a TV spot. Which suggests that the new model of media saturation that was so effective for 'The Avengers' is taking hold, and we're going to be inundated with tons of 'Total Recall' for the…

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