John Carter

The Opening Scene Of ‘John Carter’ That Never Was
Once upon a time 'John Carter' was expected to be this marvelous Disney hit but then it crashed and burned on its opening weekend. Now we're just days away from the Blu-ray/DVD release, but what kind of deleted footage will we see and would it have made the film any better?
More ‘John Carter’ Fallout: Disney Fires Studio Chairman
Last month, Disney announced to shareholders that following the disappointing returns on the expensive sci-fi epic 'John Carter', they were estimating a whopping $200 million loss in earnings.  Earlier this morning, Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross sent an e-mail to employees no…
‘John Carter’ Will Lose Disney Over Two Hundred Million
Even before the final numbers are in, Disney has announced that 'John Carter' has cost them $200 Million dollars. The production, which has a listed budget of $250 million, had become a whipping boy months before release when the marketing didn't suggest the huge blockbuster that a quarter of a bill…
‘John Carter’ Review
'John Carter'. Just 'John Carter'.

Disney changed the title of this notoriously extravagant blockbuster from 'John Carter of Mars' during production, either because a) 'Mars Needs Moms', a recent Disney production, was a huge flop, b) market research indicated women wouldn't go see a movie about Mar…