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‘SNL’ Sets Katy Perry and More for Strike-Threatened Final Shows

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 2 days ago
SNL declared its final hosts of the season earlier than usual, tying the announcements of Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pine, Melissa McCarthy and Dwayne Johnson to its live coast-to-coast debut. Now, the final shows have Katy Perry and others among the musical guests, assuming the Writers Guild strike doesn’t shutter the season early.

Katy Perry Faces One of Her Superfans in Jimmy Kimmel's "Who Knows Katy?" Game

by Kate Erbland April 22, 2014 @ 9:16 AM
"I knew that!"
The idea behind this Katy Perry-centric skit on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' sure sounds cute -- our host brought together both the pop star and one of her biggest fans for a round of "Who Knows Katy?," a chirpy game show about Perry trivia -- but the execution of it was mildly terrifying.

'Beetlejuice 2': Katy Perry Wants to Succeed Winona Ryder as Lydia

by Nick Romano October 25, 2013 @ 9:12 AM
Warner Bros./Getty Images
Katy Perry has thrown her hat in multiple rings -- her new single, "Roar," is off the charts, she appeared on 'SNL' a couple times (as both host and musical guest), she voiced Smurfette in 'The Smurfs' movies, and she's been vocal about wanting a role in the proposed 'Blade Runner 2.' Now, with 'Beetlejuice 2' under discussions, she already has her eye on a role.

'SNL' Preview: Bruce Willis Stages More 'Die Hard' Sequels, Plays Harmonica

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 9, 2013 @ 11:32 AM
Bruce Willis has made plenty of headlines in recent months with his apparent disinterest in the spotlight, but will he be up to the task of hosting 'SNL' for the first time since 1989? The 'Die Hard' star will step up to the stage for this Saturday's follow-up to last week's Miley Cyrus outing, and the first previews at least bring us "The Return of Bruno." Ah, '80s humor.

'SNL' Taps Tina Fey for Season 39 Premiere, Plus Miley Cyrus, Bruce Willis, Katy Perry and More!

by Kevin Fitzpatrick September 9, 2013 @ 10:48 AM
Mike Coppola / Larry Busacca / Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images
Just when you thought 'SNL' couldn't have put that Lindsay Lohan rumor to bed any harder, the first three episodes of the 2013-14 season will blow the lid off '30 Rock' altogether. Alumni Tina Fey will host the September 28 'SNL' premiere, with the weeks that follow to include the likes of twerqueen Miley Cyrus, Bruce Willis, and even a returning Katy Perry!

'Smurfs 2' Review

by Todd Gilchrist July 31, 2013 @ 7:48 AM
Sony Pictures Animation
'Smurfs 2' is pretty much unbearable, but then again I am a guy with no children whose favorite 2013 so far is a toss-up between 'Stoker' and 'Only God Forgives.' To paraphrase Roger Ebert, I’m as sure of the fact that there is an audience for this sequel as I am that I’m not a member of it, but does that excuse how overmodulated and mind-obliteratingly stupid Raja Gosnell’s sequel is? It seems like it can’t. And yet, there’s a massive difference between abominable entertainment made for “everybody” and abominable entertainment made mostly for kids. All of which is why 'Smurfs 2' is the kind of terrible that almost deserves to be excused, because it’s designed to make children laugh at stupid hijinks with bright colors and broad gags rather than tell a story that anyone over the age of five hasn’t seen 5,000 times before, much less care about.

Katy Perry GIFs: A Definitive Collection

by ScreenCrush Staff July 2, 2012 @ 8:00 AM
'Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D' opens in theaters this week (you can watch the trailer here) and to help celebrate, we take a look back through Katy Perry's colorful career our favorite way possible: with Katy Perry GIFs.
Katy Perry's career and music lends itself to animated GIFs extremely well. What with the on-stage antics, the costumes, the color, the goofiness and, oh yeah, her natural, um, talents... they all make for great GIFfing.
So join us as we host a retrospective on the career of Katy Perry in animated GIF format.

Is This Katy Perry or Loki or...Both?

by ScreenCrush Staff June 8, 2012 @ 1:20 PM
Bryan Bedder, Getty Images/Marvel Studios
At first glance, pop star Katy Perry (and star of the upcoming concert film 'Katy Perry: Part of Me') and Loki, the sneering and conniving villain from 'The Avengers' don't seem to have much in common. Well, aside from a predilection to garish costumes. But at a closer glance, maybe Katy Perry and Loki are much more alike than we could've imagined?