‘Missing’ Review: “A Busy Solitude”
Last week 'Missing' ended with Becca, Giancarlo, and Miller discovering Paul's secret hideout -- a cabin armed with a bomb. Is Paul trying to help Becca, or is this another elaborate trap? Back at the estate, Michael is still planning his escape with Oksana.
‘Missing’ Review: “Tell Me No Lies”
This week's episode of 'Missing' continues the hit and miss pattern, but this time around we get a welcome -- albeit predictable -- twist in an episode-long game of cat-and-mouse interspersed with (mostly) weak flashbacks.
‘Missing’ Review: “Ice Queen”
When we last left renegade mother Becca Winstone, she was watching her son Michael get dragged away on a private plane. But Michael's captors have pulled one over on Becca, and when the authorities detain the plane, he's nowhere to be found.
‘Missing’ Recap: “The Hard Drive”
When we last left former agent and vigilante mother Becca Winstone, she'd been shot and left to die in a river after leading agents to the warehouse where her missing son Michael had previously been held. Never fear, readers -- it's only episode two of 'Missing,' and our loose ca…
‘Missing’ Recap: “Pilot”
For fans of 90s mystery thrillers starring Ashley Judd, 'Missing' seems like it should be magically nostalgic. Unfortunately, the plot -- like much of the action -- is thin and generic.