Morgan Freeman

What Would the End of ‘Se7en’ Look Like With Farts?
You think you know movies. You definitely know that the critics are raving. Now prepare yourself for ScreenCrush’s latest and greatest series: Movies. (With Farts.) The title pretty much says it all. We take a classic scene from cinema history, and make it a little … funky.
‘London Has Fallen’ Trailer: Prepare For Bloody Hell
If you’re at all familiar with Olympus Has Fallen, the surprise 2013 hit about an attack on the white house (no, not White House Down, the other one), you know it was a fairly ridiculous action movie. As is the case with all sequels, you need to go bigger for the follow-up and London Has Fall…
‘London Has Fallen’ Delays the Inevitable Until 2016
Olympus Has Fallen was definitely — and surprisingly — the better of the two big White House action movies released in 2013 (the other being White House Down, of course). The film certainly has its fans, and those fans will be bummed to learn that the upcoming sequel, London Has Fallen…

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