Ninja Turtles

'Ninja Turtles' Reboot to Begin Production in April?

by Jacob Hall January 13, 2013 @ 11:17 AM
New Line
When it was announced that 'Transformers' director Michael Bay was going to produce a reboot of the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' franchise, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth across the great expanse of the internet. Then there was the title change, removing "teenage" and "mutant" from the equation (at least on the surface). Then there was the script leak and the reveal that the Turtles were now aliens. Then there was the announcement of Jonathan Liebesman as director. To say that fans were unhappy would be an understatement -- things got so ugly that Bay had to personally address them on his blog.
But the film is still moving forward. In fact, it looks like it may start shooting in April.

Donald Glover for Michael Bay's 'Ninja Turtles' Reboot?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 3, 2012 @ 10:03 AM
NBC / New Line
Please, someone give Donald Glover a movie (and no, not 'Mystery Team 2.')  Not only is Glover one of the breakout stars of NBC's critically-acclaimed 'Community,' but he also maintains a successful hip-hop career, and stand-up presence.  And even though Glover was denied the chance to play Spider-Man on the big screen, fans have another iconically geeky role in mind for the actor...