Orange Is the New Black

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 3: Jason Biggs Not Returning as Larry

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 6 days ago
The extensive cast of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black has given way to a bit of turnover here and there, as Laura Prepon largely sat out the second season, while Pablo Schreiber exited before the upcoming third. Now, the ladies of Litchfield are down another man, as Jason Biggs won’t return to for Orange is the New Black Season 3.

The Top 10 Movies and TV Shows of 2014, According to Facebook

by Britt Hayes December 9, 2014 @ 5:06 PM
It’s that time of the year, when pop culture websites and critics publish their annual Best Of lists and we heap praise on the best and most beloved movies and TV shows of the year. But what about the average moviegoer and TV-viewer? That’s where Facebook comes in. The social media site has released their top 10 movies and top 10 TV shows of the year, based on the most discussed titled of 2014. While some are fairly obvious, the lists might surprise you and inspire you to contemplate the overlap between what’s popular and what’s actually good.

Monday Morning Critic: How 'Outlander' is Turning the Tables on Sexuality on Television

by Ryan McGee October 6, 2014 @ 8:45 AM
The most vital piece of television criticism this past week came from The Huffington Post’s Maureen Ryan. In writing about the recent string of ‘Outlander’ episodes, she noted something revolutionary in its storytelling, primarily centered around its catering to the female gaze. It’s an important piece not only for what it uncovers, but also in how both Ryan’s article (and ‘Outlander’ itself) are another piece of the ever-evolving viewpoints that TV can sustain and foster.

'Orange is the New Black' Season 3: Lori Petty to Return

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 22, 2014 @ 2:46 PM
Fan appreciation for season 2 of Netflix's Emmy-nominated 'Orange is the New Black' became somewhat divided, though most were particularly disappointed to see '90s icon Lori Petty only appearing in a solitary episode of the season. Now, the 'League of Their Own' actress may have a larger presence in season 3, with at least one return episode officially confirmed.

Watch the 'Orange Is the New Black' Cast Take Over 'Conan'

by Kate Erbland August 5, 2014 @ 8:57 AM
The cast of 'Orange Is the New Black' -- including Taylor Schilling, Jason Biggs, Kate Mulgrew, Natasha Lyonne, Laverne Cox and Uzo Aduba -- took over 'Conan' last night, and when they weren't busy making everyone laugh, they were caught up in terrifying Conan O'Brien and sort of beating him into submission.

2014 Emmy Nominations: The Good, The Bad, and the Whole Ugly Affair

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 10, 2014 @ 1:34 PM
Showtime / HBO / BBC America
The 2014 Emmy Nominations are in, and expectedly outraging everyone across the internet. It takes a 'True Detective' to figure out this 'American Horror Story,' but did the right nominations go to the right people? Will Tatiana Maslany ever get her due? Can dogs really write blogs? We weigh in on the upsets, upchucks and underdogs of today's TV snubs.

'Orange is the New Black' Season 3: Pablo Schreiber's Pornstache Not Appearing?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick June 27, 2014 @ 6:14 PM
Those who have finished binging their way through 'Orange is the New Black' season 2 by now (and if you haven't, get on it) were dismayed to find that some of their favorite characters only put in limited appearances. And while we've overwhelmingly heard of Litchfield ladies upped to series regular, it seems at least one cast member present from the beginning may only put in a minor appearance, if any.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Why Netflix Needs to Stop Trying to Be TV

by Brian Moylan June 25, 2014 @ 1:00 PM
What is TV these days? Is it that big hulking flat screen in your living room where you watch awards shows live with commercials? Is it the things that you download from iTunes or stream on Hulu and watch on your phone during your long commute? Is it the latest season of 'Game of Thrones' which you stole from a torrent site and consume in one long evening while eating pie with birds flying out of it? TV is all of these, but TV is certainly not Netflix. Still Netflix is dying to be TV, and that is a huge mistake.