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‘Patriots Day’ Trailer: Mark Wahlberg to the Rescue

by Charles Bramesco November 14, 2016 @ 10:19 AM
Noted actor, model and erstwhile Funky Bunch member Mark Wahlberg raised a few eyebrows in 2012 when he claimed that had he boarded the planes used for the September 11 terrorist attacks, things would have gone down a little differently. Suggesting that you could have singlehandedly prevented the most traumatic disaster in American history is big talk, but now Wahlberg will get the chance to pretend to put the money where his terrorist-fighting mouth is with Patriots Day, a dramatization of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. We may be too late for a Mark Wahlberg-led United 93 reimagined as a two-hour beatdown, but this looks like the next best thing.

‘Patriots Day’ Featurette Is All About ‘Getting It Right’

by Emma Stefansky November 2, 2016 @ 6:38 PM
When you make a movie about any sort of national disaster, especially one still so far in the forefront of the American consciousness as the 2013 Boston marathon bombings, it’s important to treat the film’s subjects with respect. You can’t sacrifice the truth just to put in some fictional drama, and director Peter Berg knows this, opting instead to involve as many people as possible in Patriots Day who were there on the day of the bombings. A new featurette, which came out today, shows how Berg and his associates, along with the film’s stars, did everything they could to provide a sense of authenticity to the film.

Mark Wahlberg Stars in First Teaser Trailer for Boston Bombing Drama ‘Patriots Day’

by Erin Whitney October 5, 2016 @ 9:18 AM
CBS Films
Director Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg are tackling two devastating events in recent American history in their latest films. Following the recent Deepwater Horizon, the filmmaker and actor’s next film this year will follow the tragedy of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing in Patriots Day.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Sign on to Score Peter Berg’s ‘Patriots Day’

by Emma Stefansky October 3, 2016 @ 5:34 PM
Jason Merritt, Getty Images
Peter Berg’s Patriots Day, about the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings and the hunt for the culprits, seems like an odd choice for the director of Battleship, Hancock, and the Friday Night Lights movie. But Berg’s latest film Deepwater Horizon shows his interests also lie in adapting true stories to film — or, at least, making true stories more exciting. Now that the dynamic movie score duo of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are set to create the soundtrack for the movie, Patriots Day could be Berg’s next big hit.

‘Deepwater Horizon’ Review: A Slick, Pressure-Filled Disaster Movie

by Matt Singer September 28, 2016 @ 8:04 AM
Hollywood has finally found someone to compete with Nazis for the title of ultimate movie villains: Oil executives. In Deepwater Horizon, the blue-collar crew of an off-shore rig battles malfunctioning equipment, an unpredictable ocean, pipe blow outs, explosions, and fires. But all those dangers seem to pale in comparison to the threat posed by a bunch of starchy white men. In their uniform of blue button-down shirts and khaki pants, they’re the walking embodiment of pure, unadulterated greed.

‘Deepwater Horizon’ Trailer Plumbs the Psychological Depths of a Terrible Disaster

by Matt Singer May 26, 2016 @ 2:03 PM
I hate boats. Okay, maybe hate is strong. I just don’t like them. I’m not necessarily phobic; I’ll get on one when I have to. But given the choice between land and sea, I pick land ten times out of ten. If man was meant to hang out in the ocean, he’d have a orange and green outfit and we’d all call each other Aquaman.

Mark Wahlberg Saves the Gulf of Mexico in First ‘Deepwater Horizon’ Photos

by Charles Bramesco March 23, 2016 @ 9:33 AM
In one way or another, all of Mark Wahlberg’s movies have involved him playing the role of the savior. In many instances, this takes a pretty literal form — Wahlberg protected Earth from alien robots in Transformers: Age of Extinction, protected...

‘True Detective’ Star Taylor Kitsch to Make Directorial Debut With ‘Pieces’

by Britt Hayes March 22, 2016 @ 7:48 PM
It took a few years and a few fumbles before Taylor Kitsch finally made good use of his promising talents. Following the success of Friday Night Lights, Kitsch was miscast in everything from John Carter to an X-Men spinoff, but his recent roles in Lone Survivor and True Detective Season 2 have mostly delivered on that earlier promise. Kitsch is keeping the momentum going by re-teaming with Lone Survivor director Peter Berg, who will produce the actor’s directorial debut — a drug drama that puts Kitsch in familiar territory.

Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Six Billion Dollar Man’ Gets a New Director and Release Date

by Britt Hayes November 2, 2015 @ 4:52 PM
Originally planned as a reunion for Mark Wahlberg and director pal Peter Berg, the duo’s big screen version of the classic 1970s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man has been pushed back just a bit as Berg has exited the director’s chair. Screenwriter Damian Szifron has taken over for the new film, which gives the hero a bit of a pay increase with the title The Six Billion Dollar Man.

‘Deepwater Horizon’ Casts Kurt Russell and Dylan O’Brien Opposite Mark Wahlberg

by Britt Hayes April 10, 2015 @ 6:16 PM
Teen Wolf and Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien has rapidly become a talent to watch — the young actor was rumored for the part of the new Spider-Man in our post-Andrew Garfield world, and while that didn’t pan out, O’Brien has just landed a pretty sweet gig instead. The actor has been cast opposite Mark Wahlberg in Peter Berg’s upcoming Deepwater Horizon movie, which isn’t a bad way to transition from YA to more mature projects.