Watch 40 Years of Vintage Movie Toy Commercials
It’s a common complaint about modern movies: “They only made this to sell toys.” And sometimes, that’s actually true. But there was a time, not that long ago, when that concept didn’t even exist, and toys based on movies were barely an idea, much less a guarantee. …
To Be Continued: 18 Movie Franchises Finding New Life on TV
Recently it seems as if TV reboots of famous and iconic films has reached a fever pitch, with ‘American Psycho’ and even ‘Man on Fire’ targeted for TV treatment on the bankability of their franchise names alone. We’ve written at length about TV adaptations as the hot new way to reboot movie franchis…
POLL: Will You Watch the ‘Rambo’ TV Series?
Most of us were shocked by the recent news that 'Rambo' is being made into a television series, with Sylvester Stallone reportedly considering reprising the legendary character... at the tender age of 67. Would you watch this series?

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