Wachowski Netflix ‘Sense8’ Reveals its Other Selves in Eight Character Trailers

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 28, 2015 @ 9:55 AM
If the premise of Netflix and the Wachowskis’ upcoming Sense8 series has you confused, you’re not alone. Neither are you alone by the June 5 premiere’s latest round of videos focusing on each individual character, and their awakening to seven other selves. Still confused? Maybe you should just watch.

Wachowski ‘Sense8’ Trailer Hits Netflix: You Are No Longer Just You

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 7, 2015 @ 10:54 AM
A few days ago saw our first look at the Wachowski’s mysterious new Netflix series Sense8, though the action-heavy images raised more questions than they answered. Now, the streaming service has released a full trailer for the June premiere, solving some of the mystery with a complement of images as well.

The Wachowski’s Netflix ‘Sense8' Channels ‘The Matrix’ in First Photos

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 5, 2015 @ 10:57 AM
Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Netflix has added so many new original series prospects in the last few months, we’d almost forgotten the Wachowskis would follow up Jupiter Ascending with the mysterious globe-trotting Sense8, live births and all. Now, the first photos of the series have arrived, looking a bit more John Woo action-style than we’d expected.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 3, ‘Sense8’ and ‘Wet Hot’ Prequel Set Netflix Premieres

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 2, 2015 @ 3:18 PM
Netflix has a major year ahead of it, even after this past weekend’s debut of House of Cards Season 3, and at last we know its summer plans. Not only will Orange is the New Black Season 3 premiere in June, but so too has Netflix set an official premiere date for the Wachowski’s Sense8, and upcoming prequel series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

A Four-Hour Cut of ‘Cloud Atlas’ Exists and Is Apparently Incredible

by Matt Singer February 10, 2015 @ 1:46 PM
Warner Bros.
I was not a huge fan of the Wachowskis’ ‘Jupiter Ascending.’ But as I said in my review, if there was a longer version of that movie, I would totally watch it. ‘Jupiter’ is an absolute mess, but a lot of it feels messy because it’s so rushed, cramming an entire universe of mythology and dog-men who look like Channing Tatum into a little over two hours. I couldn’t say for certain why the movie is that length, but if I had to guess, I’d imagine that studio executives who invested $175 million in this sci-fi boondoggle didn’t want a three-hour epic, and kindly requested (or sternly demanded) a shorter, zippier movie. The result moves quickly at the expense of any sense of coherence.

The Wachowskis Are Bringing Live Births to Netflix With Their Upcoming Series ‘Sense8’

by Matt Singer February 3, 2015 @ 9:11 AM
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
In about four hours, I’m seeing ‘Jupiter Ascending,’ the latest film from Andy and Lana Wachowski. I’m beyond excited. I see early responses like “mad, majestic, magnificently overblown” or “legendarily awful” and I get pumped, because I know love it or hate it, I am about to see something. It certainly sounds like the Wachowskis have outdone themselves in the crazy department, which is particularly impressive since these are the Wachowskis we’re talking about, and the baseline for their movies is already pretty nutty.

Netflix's 'Sense8' Cast: Wachowski Drama Adds 'LOST's Naveen Andrews, Daryl Hannah and More

by Kevin Fitzpatrick June 23, 2014 @ 7:38 PM
ABC / Kevin Winter, Getty Images
It's been a good long while since we've heard anything on the development of the Wachowski's forthcoming global Netflix drama 'Sense8,' but with shooting set to begin in recent weeks, the world-spanning cast has finally been revealed. The mysterious 'Sense8' will feature 'LOST' star Naveen Andrews, along with Daryl Hannah and 12 others.

Netflix's 'Sense8': Wachowski Sci-Fi Series Releases New Plot and Casting Details

by Kevin Fitzpatrick January 7, 2014 @ 6:22 PM
Andreas Rentz, Getty Images
We're eagerly awaiting the next round of Netflix originals to premiere, from the Valentine's day release of 'House of Cards' season 2, or the next run of 'Orange is the New Black,' but we've also kept our eye on the Wachowski siblings' mysterious new sci-fi series 'Sense8,' which has just revealed more details of its global setting and cast.

Wachowski Netflix Series 'Sense8' Reveals First Details from 'Babylon 5' Writer

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 4, 2013 @ 5:48 PM
Netflix / Kevin Winter, Getty Images
It's been a good long while since we've heard anything on the front of Netflix's 10-episode project 'Sense8' with the Wachowski siblings, but it seems our first official details have finally arrived, courtesy of 'Babylon 5' creator and 'Sense8' writer J. Michael Straczynski. Are you ready to find out what links 8 mysterious individuals across the globe in the latest Wachowski yarn?

The Wachowskis Developing a Sci-Fi Series For Netflix

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 27, 2013 @ 11:30 AM
Netflix / Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Netflix has been having a banner year with the release of its highest-profile original dramas yet 'House of Cards' and 'Hemlock Grove,' soon to soar even higher with the release of 'Arrested Development' season 4, but 2014 might be its biggest year yet. The streaming service has officially ordered 10 episodes of the Wachowski siblings' forthcoming sci-fi drama 'Sense8' for 2014,  teaming with sci-fi veteran J. Michael Straczynski, but will it be their biggest project to date?