The first 'Babadook' trailer certainly knows its audience. After all, even the most seasoned horror fan gets creeped out by childish drawings of truly unsettling monsters, and this Australian horror film seems to have that in spades. If you happen to be at the Sundance Film Festival, you have a chance to go see this. Otherwise, you'll just have to make do with the trailer for the moment.

Despite being a low-budget effort that needed help from a Kickstarter campaign, 'The Babadook' looks genuinely slick and well made, making that whole crowd-funding thing interesting trivia instead of a liability. The film itself follows a widow and her young son who stumble across a creepy children's book all about the title creature -- a creepy, fanged man in a coat and hat who hunts children. SInce this is a horror movie, the kid is right to take the warnings of the book seriously, and the mother is wrong to doubt him until things get truly gnarly. The film looks scary enough, but those drawings of the Babadook are truly nightmare city.

'The Babadook' doesn't have a release date yet, but it does have distribution. We'll cross our fingers and hope for a 2014 release.