While Showtime's 'The Borgias' has quietly operated as a staple of the lineup for the past three years, new reports suggest that the papal drama may not make to a fourth season. The series had been envisioned to run for four years, though now creator Neil Jordan has expressed a desire to wrap up the franchise with at two-hour movie, in lieu of a fourth season. Find out the future of 'The Borgias' inside!

Rarely have Showtime series been in actual danger of cancellation, but Jeremy Irons' papal drama 'The Borgias' may soon find itself without a fourth season. Via Deadline, we've learned the under-performing period drama could instead graduate to a two-hour movie wrapping up the series plot, in lieu of a fourth season.

“I would like to finish it with a two-hour movie,” series creator Neil Jordan told the British press. “Another 10 episodes is kind of exhausting. I’ve mapped out a movie, which, if (Showtime brass) agree, will shoot in June with the same cast, and finally the Pope will die horribly.” 'The Borgias' had long been a moderate ratings performer for Showtime, though recent episodes have gained momentum as high as 674,000 viewers.

Wrapping up 'The Borgias' with a film would fall in line with Showtime's commitment to provide floundering series with proper endings, much as 'The Big C' was granted four additional episodes to wrap up its final arc. “It’s really important to me that our audience feels taken care of,” Showtime boss David Nevins said earlier this year.

What say you? Would you be sad to see 'The Borgias' go, even if it wrapped up the story with a film?