The first trailer for James Wan's new horror flick 'The Conjuring' is here, featuring a very spooky game of hide and seek with Lili Taylor.

James Wan's follow-up to the haunted house pic 'Insidious' is yet another haunted house pic called 'The Conjuring,' but this time Wan goes back in time to tell a story inspired by true events -- When a family is terrorized by a ghostly presence in their farmhouse, they call upon renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are perhaps best known for their investigation of Amityville (which takes place after the events of this film). The Warrens confront the dark entity only to find themselves face to face with the most horrific case of their career.

The film stars Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston, and MacKenzie Foy, and judging by the first trailer, if you liked 'Insidious,' you'll probably be more than a little stoked to see 'The Conjuring.' It appears to have a similar atmosphere and style, but setting the film in the 70s adds an extra layer of helplessness. The only issue is that the trailer seems to rely heavily on jump scares, and while 'Insidious' had its fair share, the film also offered genuine spookiness before falling apart in the third act.

Still, we're rooting for James Wan, whose films are always interesting, even when they're not particularly great.