'The Dark Knight Rises' will be released in a little more than 24 hours, and we're starting to hear more and more about the numbers the film will do this weekend. The big question for numbers junkies is "Can it do more than 'The Avengers'?" We'll know come Sunday, but it's already got a bunch of money in the bank.

In fact, it's already made $25 Million in pre-sales, according to Variety. As guestimates are starting to come in for the picture, most think it will fall short of $200 Million, and The Hollywood Reporter pegged the picture to open in the $185-$195 Million range.  'The Avengers' opened to $207.4 Million, but it had the benefit of 3D, which is a price bump that 'The Dark Knight Rises' is unable to take advantage of. This is why people might be saying it's the highest 2D opening of all time if it doesn't beat 'The Avengers.'

From what Variety is reporting, theaters are adding more and more shows to accommodate the picture, which - as the end of the trilogy - will have an intense want-to-see for those looking to avoid spoilers. Perhaps the only disappointment would be if it grossed less than 'The Dark Knight' did in it's first three-day, which was a record setting $158 Million in 2008, and remains the third highest grossing opening weekend of all time. But there's no question that 'The Dark Knight Rises' is going to make a lot of money this weekend.