No, it doesn't reveal who killed Rosie Larsen but the latest promo for 'The Killing's' second season suggests it might not be who you think.

The American remake of the Danish crime drama came under fire when it not only failed to solve the Rosie Larsen murder mystery but also ended on a nasty, game-changing cliff hanger.

While some critics and fans say 'The Killing' is dead to them after its polarizing first season closer, those who choose to return to the rainy Seattle streets for the show's second season will join Detective Sarah Linden on a new case, while following the ongoing Larsen investigation.

Season two will make its two-hour premiere on AMC, April 1st. 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Mad Men' star, Mark Young joins the cast as Lt. Carlson, who according to TV Line is "a clean-cut, well-dressed lawman in his 50s who tends to keep tabs on which way the political winds are blowing."

Michelle Forbes, who scored an Emmy nod for her portrayal of Rosie's Larsen's grieving mother, Mitch will also return as a series regular.

And for those still afraid to invest in another season of 'The Killing,' showrunner Veena Sud has promised a resolution to the Larsen murder case in this second season. For her sake, I hope she makes good on it.