'The Killing' Season 3 Exclusive Photos: "Head Shots" Put Linden and Holder Together Again


'The Killing' season 3 has officially drawn Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) back to the force, but it will take a few "Head Shots" before she works a case with Holder (Joel Kinnaman) again. Sunday's all-new episode will see the two pursuing leads together to investigate Kallie Leeds' disappearance, while Tom Seward (Peter Sarsgaard) considers cooperation, and we've got exclusive photos from the next installment!

Says AMC's official description of the new season's fourth episode, the task force investigating Kallie's disappearance shuts down a business, while Sarah and Holder unite in their pursuit of "the voice" from the child pornography tapes. Seward is "offered motivation to comply with orders," but a major question remains: Will Holder and Linden share the same workable rapport as before, given Linden's personal connection with the case?

Meanwhile, Holder and Bullet (Bex Taylor-Klaus) will continue to bond, while Seward seems to be recovering from his razor wounds of last Sunday's "Seventeen" just fine. Less fortunate appears to be Seward's fellow inmate, judging by the exclusive photos below, while Holder and Linden each have new suspects to investigate as the search grows increasingly tense.

So, what do we think? Will the Seattle detectives manage to pull together to save Kallie Leeds before it becomes too late? What might finally convince Seward to cooperate with his orders, after his desperate act last week? Could Holder and Linden look any more dreamy together?

Check out our exclusive photos from Sunday's "Head Shots" below, and give us your take on 'The Killing' season 3 in the comments!

Carole Segal / AMC
Carole Segal / AMC
Carole Segal / AMC
Carole Segal / AMC
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