After a week full of teases, it appears the zombie may be out of the bag for Telltale. A recent discovery on Steam's database hints that new DLC for The Walking Dead is coming soon.

We've already been introduced to Russell (day 184), Vince (day 2), and Bonnie (day 220), and on Thursday night we met Shel (day 236). Lost in the excitement over Telltale showing off potential new characters for a second season of The Walking Dead were the subtle hints in the teaser videos towards the number 400.

If you look carefully at all the videos, save for Vince, a quick flash to some neon numbers is shown. If you put them all together, it appears to spell out "400." It's no coincidence then that AllGamesBeta uncovered The Walking Dead: 400 Days in the Steam database on Friday morning. Steam lists 400 Days as DLC, meaning it's not a proper season two, which is fine by us. As long as we're getting more The Walking Dead, we'll take it in whatever form Telltale wants to dish it out.

Telltale will likely have some more official announcements about what The Walking Dead: 400 Days is, and when it will be available, at E3 next week. What do you hope to see in another chapter of the story?