We've all been waiting for more of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, and now it's finally here with the first bit of DLC for season one, 400 Days.

The launch trailer above sets up the various protagonists we'll encounter in this add-on. 400 Days consists of five different stories that help bridge the gap between season one and the upcoming second season of the episodic adventure game.

The Walking Dead was a clear front-runner for one of 2012's best games, and this bit of extra content has the potential to be one of the summer's biggest hits. There's a lot of mystery surrounding the story, and though we have our ideas how it might fit in with the first season, Telltale has managed to surprise us at every turn with the story. In The Walking Dead, anything goes, so we're anticipating a lot of twists, turns and gut-wrenching decisions.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days will be available later today on PSN, with the Xbox 360 version due on Friday, and the PC and iOS versions arriving next week.