'The Wolverine' just keeps rolling out the pics, posters and teasers in anticipation of the upcoming trailer release. So what's next for fans of the X-Man-turned-lone samurai warrior? How about a six-second 'Wolverine' trailer teaser?

After revealing two new posters and eight stills, 'The Wolverine' trailer teaser is here. While there's only six seconds of footage to be had, it shuffles rapidly through multiple action-packed shots, so pay attention (but if you missed anything, we've got screenshots of every frame in the video listed below).

Director James Mangold is excited for this latest movie chapter for Logan as it'll showcase his famous berserker rage, which we get to see a bit of in the first few shots. But more importantly, we get our semi-first look at his upcoming enemy the Silver Samurai...well, we get to see the back of his head for (literally) a second. And is that Famke Janssen's Jean Grey/Phoenix we see? Yup, that definitely is, though it just looks like a flashback.

A monk hiding a shotgun under his robe...

...shoots Wolverine in the chest.

We're not sure what this machine is that Viper has Wolverine hooked up to but it looks painful.

Hey look, it's Jean Grey!

This guy is about to stab Wolverine in the back.

That guy just stabbed Wolverine in the back.

Hey look it's (the back of) Silver Samurai!

This guy tries to cut down Wolverine but Wolvie chops his sword in half with his claws.