It may be the day after Thanksgiving, but Michael Bay is still giving us something to be thankful for: new photos from 'Transformers 4.' The pics, which initially debuted in Empire, have finally made their way online in high-res versions, and include some polished, official 'Transformers 4' stills, as well as some fun behind the scenes shots -- we're especially fond of the way Bay chooses to interact with his stars. 

The photos can be found on Michael Bay's Flickr account (where else?), and feature a peek at a very shiny Optimus Prime, as well as some glamour shots of new stars Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor. Not to be outdone, we also get a couple of glimpses at Mark Wahlberg, who chills side by side with his director in one of the shots. But our favorite photo, by far, has to be Bay terrorizing Peltz with what appears to be a green screen-friendly foam claw, meant to be replaced later by CG animation. It's just the kind of thing you picture him doing behind the scenes.

'Transformers: Age of Extinction' also stars Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Sophia Myles, T.J. Miller, and Titus Welliver, and rolls out into theaters on June 27, 2014. Check out the full photo set below: