The official 'Jurassic Park' poster, with its emblem plastered on a black background, is as iconic as movie posters get. Although extremely simple in concept and execution, it allows the viewer to create the entire movie in his or her imagination. It's understated and brilliant. With that out of the way, it's time to take a look at some alternate posters designed for the film but never used. We'll be perfectly honest: some of these are good enough to make us question our loyalty to that classic final poster.

Designed by movie poster artist extraordinaire John Alvin (and originally compiled over at IGN), these posters range from extremely rough sketches to nearly finished products. Some ideas don't quite work, but others are nothing short of bold and beautiful. These posters, along with others not shown here, will be published in the upcoming book, 'The Art of John Alvin,' and we cannot imagine a better selling point than these images.

Our personal favorites are the two that look the closest to completion: the T-Rex looming over the car and the Brachiosaurus silhouetted against the sky. They're not just gorgeous -- they feel downright Spielbergian. It's easy to imagine an alternate future where they actually graced the walls of your local movie theater.

These unused 'Jurassic Park' posters should help tide you over until we hear more about 'Jurassic World,' which recently wrapped production and will arrive in theaters on June 12, 2015.