Just hours ago, it was announced that a 'Veronica Mars' movie might hit the big screen if fans pledged two million dollars to kickstarter. It turns out there was enough interest and then some. Within the first day of the campaign, within the first ten hours, 31,697 contributors got 'Veronica Mars' over the $2 mil threshold.

What this means, as we first reported, is that Warner Bros. Digital Distribution will put the movie into production and pick up the tab for marketing, promotion, and distribution. Shooting this summer with post-production in the fall, the film would be likely released in the first quarter of 2014 for a limited theatrical run, before moving to on-demand, iTunes, and other digital platforms. But by crossing the goal line this quickly, perhaps Warners will change their minds about how they want to handle this.

The big question now is if this is a game changer. 'Party Down' and Joss Whedon's 'Firefly' are just a couple of the cult shows that fans hope will come back, and this could open the door to more filmed revivals. And though 'Veronica Mars' just crossed the threshold, they still have thirty days for their Kickstarter to continue. It's possible that they could net much, much more than their initially stated goal. Regardless of how this works out or changes the industry, it is nothing if not impressive.