Much acclaim has come to actors who have been able to pull off one of the toughest jobs in movies: the truly great death scene. It can pull at your heart strings and put a fulfilling cap on an emotional story. These are not those scenes. These are the worst death scenes in movie history.

While these films and their actors will never be recognized by the Academy for their work, we thought they deserved some credit. Because these definitely aren't the best death scenes, they truly are some of the worst and it takes a certain amount of dedication to be able to deliver something what you're about to see below.

  • 1

    Death in Slow Motion

    'Kareteci Kiz' (1974)
  • 2

    Death by Frisbee

    'Hard Ticket to Hawaii' (1987)
  • 3

    Death by Dick Punch

    'Snake in the Eagle's Shadow' (1978)
  • 4

    Death by Shuriken

    'Enter the Ninja' (1981)
  • 5

    Death by Dry Cleaning

    'Undefeatable' (1994)
  • 6

    Death by Bed

    'Death Bed: The Bed That Eats' (1971)
  • 7

    Death by Goo

    'Troll 2' (1990)
  • 8

    Death by Chainsaw

    'Mutilator' (1985)
  • 9

    Death by Bullets

    'Slaughter Hotel' (1971)
  • 10

    Death by Severed Arm

    'Deadly Prey' (1987)