Xbox fans who are worried they'll lose access to their digital games collection upon being banned from Xbox Live should lay their fears to rest, since that won't be case. Also, they should probably not engage in any activities that would get them banned in the first place.

Official Xbox Magazine, an Xbox fan named Mark Doherty asked the Xbox Support team on Twitter if he would continue to have access to his Xbox One games if his Xbox Live account was banned.

Xbox Support's answer was that he would forfeit the licenses to games tied to his account upon being banned. But the support team also added that he would be able to work with them in order to recover his account, which is what Xbox Live members can do now on the Xbox 360 if they lose their accounts.

Microsoft then clarified, adding the response was in regard to the Xbox 360 game collections, and wouldn't be the case on the Xbox One. Xbox Live's director of programming, Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson), added the rumor was false, and players will "always have access to the games [they] purchased."

So, in the future, if you have a penchant for cursing out your fellow players on Xbox Live and happen to get banned, then you needn't worry about losing access to your Xbox One digital games.

Let us know your thoughts about this policy and whether or not you agree with it.