Featuring one of the better ensemble casts this year, '10 Years' imagines a world in which Channing Tatum, Justin Long, Rosario Dawson, Chris Pratt, and more all went to high school together. And yet, they still have all the problems us normal people do.

In the new trailer for '10 Years,' we get our first feel for the tone of the film. The comedic drama is the directorial debut of 'Dear John' writer Jamie Linden and tells the story of a group of friends heading back to high school for their 10 year reunion. How many of them have really changed in 10 years, though?

Tatum plays Jake, a guy who's brought his girlfriend (played by his real-life wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum) along for his reunion only to find that his high school girlfriend (Dawson) hasn't quite gotten over him -- and maybe he hasn't ever really gotten over her either. Also among the cast are Chris Pratt, Oscar Isaac as the guy who went on to become a successful musician, Justin Long as the guy who hasn't changed a bit, Aubrey Plaza as the girlfriend of a guy who used to pretend he was kinda ghetto, Kate Mara, Max Minghella, Ari Graynor, Lynn Collins, Ron Livingston, and Anthony Mackie.

That's an amazing graduating class right there. Check out the new trailer below, which has plenty of laughs but also alludes to some of the more intimate, sobering moments. '10 Years' hits theaters September 14.