Wednesday night marked the 12-12-12 Concert in Madison Square Garden, which brought together big-name celebrities to help raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. And who do you think took the stage alongside Chris Martin from Coldplay, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and a bunch of rockers? Why, Adam Sandler, of course!

Though the funnyman may not be the best of singers, he is (at least, on the best of days) funny! So Sandler got up to sing what we thought was going to be a rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Halleluja" with Paul Shaffer accompanying him on the piano, but instead we got a slightly remixed version titled, "Sandy, Screw Ya!"

Sandler's performance, courtesy of TheFW, may just as well end up being the theme song to 2012, considering all his added references to Lindsay Lohan, NYC Mayor Bloomberg's attack on the soda and bed bugs. Funny business aside, we have to praise the comedian for playing a part to raise money for those affected and displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Even before the concert began, $3 million had already been raised!

Watch Adam Sandler sing a Hurricane Sandy remix of Leonard Cohen's "Halleluja" below.