Oh, '2 Broke Girls,' how you vex our soul.  We want to love you, yet never feel whole.  Our poetic parlances of CBS' latest monster hit sitcom and undying love of Kat Dennings aside, '2 Broke Girls' is about to go for, well, broke.

TVline reports that the freshman female sitcom has just booked its biggest guest appearance of the season, enticing women's lifestyle mega-mogul Martha Stewart for a cameo appearance in the May 7 episode.  If only they knew how much I'd pay to have Ana Gasteyer perform her legendary 'Saturday Night Live' impression once more instead.

Stewart will of course play herself, as Max (Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) scheme to crash a big event at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art that Stewart is scheduled to attend, with the intent of gaining the lifestyle legend's seal of approval on their homemade cupcakes.  And as TVLine was apt to point out, perhaps a few good-humored jokes about Stewart's infamous troubles with the law could decorate the metaphorical table, what with Caroline's father still in jail and all.

Stewart marks the highest profile star to date to appear on the fledgling sitcom, though recent episodes have gained a bit of notoriety for the introduction of Jennifer Coolidge as the girls' Ukrainian upstairs neighbor Sophie.

Whether or not you count yourself among the fans of CBS' '2 Broke Girls,' you have to at least give them a bit of credit for attracting Stewart to play to their strengths.  Will you still be watching by May 7, provide the dirty humor and critical flack hasn't caused the set to burst into flames?  Tell us what you think of the show, or give us a dirty limerick in the comments below!

And because this just had to be said, "it's a good thing."