'2 Broke Girls' took the motto "sex sells" and used it to great effect for their 2013 Super Bowl commercial. There were no clips from the show, no jokes, no nothing really, except stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs pole dancing in revealing outfits. And it might've been the most effective commercial of the entire Super Bowl...

We don't claim to know any more about '2 Broke Girls' right now than we did before watching this commercial, yet suddenly we have the urge to DVR it every week now. Set to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me," Dennings and Behrs rip their waitress outfits off and dance around like strippers for about 30 seconds. (FWIW, the show's co-stars Jennifer Coolidge, Garrett Morris and Jonathan Kite all make cameo appearances.)

Maybe this is what caused the Super Bowl power outage?

In a Super Bowl devoid of any real memorable commercials, we have to think the quick '2 Broke Girls' promo was one that left an impression in most readers minds. Well done, Kat Dennings.

You can watch the full '2 Broke Girls' Super Bowl commercial below. '2 Broke Girls' airs on CBS, Mondays at 9pm.