In 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,' director Adam McKay and star Will Ferrell mine a lot of comedy out of newsmen and women failing spectacularly at their jobs. Although their comic situations and gags are invented for the screen, there's something oddly reassuring about seeing real life news anchors screw up as royally as those fictional characters. The end of a year always brings all kind of video compilations summing up the past 365 days, but few are as amusing as watching television reporters take a dive.

These two 15-minute videos (bring a snack) should offer something for everyone. There are anchormen fumbling over their words. There are anchormen getting pranked. There are anchormen having unfortunate encounters with wildlife. There are anchormen not realizing that their mics are on and saying words that you're simply not allowed to say on television. There are anchormen getting overshadowed by dancing children. Thankfully, the only things that dies in these videos are certain individual's dignity and self respect. Few things provide instant accidental comedy quite like the combination of live television and stoic TV personalities.

And, of course, these videos are a little NSFW at times, so don't watch them on the job unless you work somewhere awesome.

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