The 2013 Oscars ceremony was rumored a while back to pay tribute to the 50 years of James Bond films by uniting the actors who've played 007 on the stage. Although one of the Oscars producers debunked that rumor not too long after the fact, there was indeed a portion of the show dedicated to the epic franchise.

Aside from Adele's first live performance of the 'Skyfall' theme (and Seth MacFarlane's sock puppet re-imagining of 'Flight'), the 2013 Oscars featured a video tribute to James Bond. The incredibly sexy and former Bond girl Halle Berry emerged onto the stage to introduce the montage, honoring such titles as 'Goldfinger,' 'Die Another Day' and the most recent Bond flick 'Skyfall.'

And the cherry on top of the segment was a performance of the famous 'Goldfinger' theme song by Shirley Bassey, proving to the world that she still has it. You can watch her performance below, including the James Bond Oscars video tribute in full.

[Editor's Note: And of course all the bootleg copies are getting pulled from the web as quickly as they're being put up. Please bear with us while we update.]

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