It's almost that time, kids. As the first weekend of May approaches, we prepare ourselves to be firmly in the grasp of the summer movie season, when we can rest assured that every Friday for the next four months will bring us a big, buzz-worthy flick. The kid in us loves this time of year. (Hell, the adult in us does, too!)

It's always tricky considering what will be the summer's "biggest" film, but we wanna know which one has you all pumped up.

We've got 'Iron Man 3', which is blazing into town with a tremendous amount of anticipation, not to mention terrific reviews. It's as much of a "sure thing" as you could ask for, but then there's 'Man of Steel.' This reintroduction into the world of Superman comes with all of producer Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' clout; there's no question that the world at large is aching for a truly great Superman film, and this could be the one. And as long as we're talking superheroes, let's consider 'The Wolverine,' which brings the badass Canadian back to the screen in a new solo adventure. Can you ever actually bet against Wolverine?

Other geeky main events include 'Star Trek Into Darkness' attempting to best its fantastic predecessor, and 'Pacific Rim' with Guillermo del Toro tapping into our love of monsters and giant robots. And this is only for starters! So which film will earn the crown of Biggest Summer Movie of 2013? Vote below!