Now that you've allowed the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in the forthcoming 'Batman and Superman' film to sink in, we wanted to ask you: has your anticipation level for the film changed at all?

This is the casting news that shook the internet to its core; everybody has an opinion on it. Love the news or hate it, you can't deny that Ben Affleck-as-Batman has added an extra element of interest to Zack Snyder's sequel to 'Man of Steel', which will begin shooting early next year. Almost every Batman casting has created an uproar of some kind, but this one is arguably the most controversial.

But lets face it: we're all going to see this movie when it comes out in 2015. The only real question is, are we looking forward to it as much as we were pre-Affleck casting news?

Vote in our poll and let us know if Affleck's casting has affected the way you look at 'Batman and Superman'.

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