Most of us were shocked by the recent news that 'Rambo' is being made into a television series, with Sylvester Stallone reportedly considering reprising the legendary character... at the tender age of 67. Would you watch this series?

You have to hand it to Sly: while most other men his age are collecting social security, he's out there proving time and time again that he's not ready to hang up his headband. We all thought he was delusional when he once again stepped into John Rambo's boots in 2008's 'Rambo,' but that film turned out to be surprisingly solid (if extremely brutal).

But a 'Rambo' television show? That might be pushing it. We can handle the somber heroics of the Vietnam vet on the big screen in one-off adventures, but a weekly series? We're not quite sure how that will work, but the powers that be will have to be quite clever with the format.

Then there's the possibility that Stallone won't even return for the role. A younger actor is a feasible route for the series, although Sly is Rambo. Another actor tackling the role just won't be the same. So what do you think of the 'Rambo' TV show idea? Are you prepared to gear up for it, or is this an idea that should be left behind? Vote in our poll and comment below!