Traditionally, the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy is one of the hardest to predict. How do you evaluate the performances of actors in those two very different categories? How do you decide whether someone was funnier in their movie than someone singing in there’s? It’s basically impossible. So thanks Golden Globes, we had absolutely no idea who was going to win this one.

Ultimately, the Hollywood Foreign Press Awards decided that James Franco’s incredible performance as The Room auteur Tommy Wiseau was better than Hugh Jackman’s singing. We have to agree; Franco’s work as Wiseau in The Disaster Artist (a film he also directed) was truly remarkable; hilarious, authentic, and surprisingly moving in depicting the inner turmoil of the man who gave the world The Room. (Deep down, it’s all just tearing him apart.) This is Franco’s second Golden Globe win; he previously won the award for his starring turn in the television film about the life of James Dean.

Franco invited Wiseau up on stage with him when accepting the award, reading an old text The Room director sent to Greg Sestero back in the day – and of course reading it in his spot-on Tommy accent. But when Wiseau went for the mic, Franco quickly stopped him.

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