'30 Rock' won't close out its seven-year Emmy-winning run until January 31, but has series star Alec Baldwin already lined up his next gig? The one-time Hollywood movie star has officially inked a deal to remain with TV for the next several years, similar to a recent deal co-star Tina Fey made, but what might Baldwin do next? Could he produce an original series, or star in an all-new role? Find out inside!

It saddens us infinitely to think we won't have fresh Jack Donaghy zingers and moments to populate our days after '30 Rock' comes to a close next year, but thankfully Alec Baldwin isn't going anywhere anytime soon. According to Deadline, the actor has inked a two-year contract with '30 Rock' producer Universal TV, allowing him to develop and produce series projects for the studio.

Not only that, but there exists the potential for Baldwin to star in the new projects himself! Baldwin's '30 Rock' co-star recently signed a similar deal with Universal, though for four years overall. Following his tenure at '30 Rock,' Baldwin has frequently talked of either taking on less projects, or launching a political career, hence perhaps the shorter deal.

'30 Rock' will close its doors on January 31, but what say you?  Would you want to see Alec Baldwin back on TV, even in another role beside Jack Donaghy?

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