One of the running currents across six seasons of '30 Rock' lies not always in Liz Lemon's desire for a man to settle down with and tolerate all of her hideous habits, but rather a baby to take care of regardless of relationship status.  With the critically-acclaimed series set to end after only 13 more episodes, will Lemon finally get her wish?  She's got her man, but what do the latest set photos from '30 Rock' season 7 have people saying?

Both Entertainment Weekly and TVGuide have pointed to a photo tweeted out from '30 Rock' executive producer Jeff Burditt on the set of the show's seventh season, showing what appears to be Tina Fey clutching a swaddled baby!  Does this mean Liz Lemon finally gets her wish of a child, courtesy of current beau Criss (James Marsden), or perhaps an adoption agency?  With only 13 episodes left before the end, it certainly seems like a possibility.

Of course, the photo could easily be a fake-out, or even Liz' famous dream-baby "Planty" swaddled just out of view, or even perhaps Tina Fey's own daughter Penelope, though it seems unlikely that a 1-year old would be swaddled in such a way.

Otherwise very little is known about the final season of '30 Rock,' other than its October 4 premiere.  We did recently learn that long-time series supporting player Maulik Pancholy would return for the final run of episodes, having departed the second season of 'Whitney.'

So, what do we think?  Random photo, or proof that Liz Lemon will get her happy ending after all?  Check out the picture below, and tell us what you want to see from the final season of '30 Rock' in the comments!