Kids, it just goes to show you. There's no need to bother with all that pesky education and general preparedness, when all you have to do to achieve international recognition and TV fame is to win a couple of measly gold medals. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is the latest to meet such standards, making a splash in the final season of '30 Rock,' but who will the notorious athlete portray? 

According to Entertainment Weekly, gold medal-winning Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte will continue his post-London 2012 hot streak, next landing an appearance in '30 Rock' season 7. There isn't any word on who Ryan Lochte will play, but given he described the appearance to New York Magazine as a "cameo," the swimmer is likely to portray himself.

What? Don't believe us? Well, '30 Rock' writer Jack Burditt tweeted an image of the Olympian on the set with Tina Fey just to prove to the world that it's actually happening:

Lochte comes as the latest big name to join '30 Rock''s final season, bowing October 4, alongside 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston and Catherine O'Hara as Kenneth Parcell's parents. We also know that former ’30 Rock’ star Maulik Pancholy will return to the series to reprise his role as Jack Donaghy’s assistant Jonothan, having been absent during season 6 for Pancholy’s regular role on ‘Whitney.’ It’s also been speculated that ’30 Rock’'s final season may finally see 'TGS' writer Liz Lemon entering motherhood, after recent set photos emerged of Tina Fey holding a baby.

Lochte himself has kept plenty busy in the media following his Olympic wins, making the talk show circuit and filming a cameo in the final season of '90210.' Reportedly, Lochte is even in talks for his own potential reality series.

What say you? Was Lochte's notoriety too irresistible for the final season of '30 Rock'? How do you think it will all end up for Liz Lemon? Give us your ideas in the comments!