Well this is interesting -- and not in a great way. 'Zero Dark Thirty' and 'Contagion' star Jennifer Ehle has been cast in the upcoming adaptation of mommy porn favorite '50 Shades of Grey.' No, she won't be grabbing a whip. The actress will be playing the role of Anastasia Steele's mother, who should be very concerned about what her daughter is doing.

Deadline reports that Ehle has joined the cast of '50 Shades,' and it feels like we have collectively failed her as a nation if we allow this to happen. Ehle is a very talented and underrated actress, whose turns in 'Zero Dark Thirty' and 'Contagion' were absolutely wonderful. Why are we letting her waste all that amazing talent on a film adaptation of glorified fan-fiction that you read on the internet at three in the morning?!

The movie, based on the trilogy of novels by E.L. James, follows a young college student named Anastasia Steele who enters a relationship with the older businessman Christian Grey. He has a lot of money and helicopters ... and he's really into BDSM. So much so, that he asks Ana to sign a contract stipulating the terms of their "relationship." You know, typical dating stuff.

Ehle will play Ana's mother, who will do a whole lot of pearl-clutching and give disapproving but sympathetic nods while her daughter engages in a horrific misrepresentation of a BDSM relationship.

The film stars Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam and hits theaters August 1, 2014.