The unstoppable John McClane returns in 'A Good Day to Die Hard', the fifth entry in the virile franchise, in just two short months, so we can expect the marketing blitz to go full bore right about now. Today we've got a new featurette and stills from the action extravaganza, courtesy of Empire.

In the featurette, which is all too brief, we get a little more familiar with Jai Courtney, the Australian 'Spartacus' star who plays McClane's son, Jack, in the film. Courtney mentions that John and Jack don't always see eye to eye during their various adventures in Russia, but of course they bond long enough in order to take down the bad guys. (Just don't ask them to hug.) This can be considered something of a companion piece to a featurette with Courtney we saw a couple of weeks ago.

Just speculation here, but Courtney is well-positioned to take over the franchise if indeed Bruce Willis ever hangs up his spurs, although that doesn't appear to be in the cards any time soon.

We've also got a couple of stills to share with you, both of which feature the McClane boys toting intimidating firearms and generally looking as if they're none too concerned about the predicament they're in. (If you're wondering who the weary looking fellow is in the second photo, it's German actor Sebastian Koch, seen recently in 'Unknown'.)

'A Good Day to Die Hard' opens on February 14th, a perfect Valentine's Day gift for the person you love (if they in turn love watching things explode).


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